Cheese Vat History! Posted October 18, 2012


Cheese Vat Farm was by tradition a dairy farm, owned, we believe, at one point in its history by the Rowntree family. Built in the mid 19th Century on the site of what some old maps call “Cheese Fat Hall”, we think the farm at some time in the last 150 years produced cheese for the Cornborough Estates, as well as being a small Estate School House.

As current owners we have spent the last 20 years turning Cheese Vat from a working dairy farm into a home.  Cheese Vat Farm sits on raised ground midway between the Sheriff Hutton ridge and Terrington ridge. The valley is often spoken of by estate agents as ‘The Golden Triangle’ due to its wheat growing over an area which used to be a glacial lake.

This Holiday Property is a converted Granary over two floors with the large extension which used to be a piggery in a former life, and the whole forms two sides of an enclosed foldyard.  The Annex, also over two floors, used to be a hay barn.  Both have been developed in a traditional style but with a contemporary twist. We have paid particular attention to detail and tried to keep as small a carbon footprint as possible within that remit. We would love to eventually plan on moving there ourselves.