The Granary Annexe Posted November 23, 2015


If any one had ever told me that I would find myself writing a ‘Blog’, I would have told them not to be so daft… who would want to read what I have got to say!  However, I currently find myself in just that position, and am in danger of repeating myself as I ‘fill guests in’ on events at The Granary!

Just over a week ago, saw the start of a two bedroom extension to The Granary luxury holiday let – hereafter referred to as The Granary Annexe –  extending the scope of what we already have been letting since 2007.

So as to refresh our visitors memories, I attach a photo of ‘The Annexe’  (The right hand side of this picture!

The Granary Annexe

Inside Annexe

Monday morning we broke ground on the old dairy milking parlor floor which was broken up and removed.  Tuesday saw the building inspector call with a view to inspecting the old 1862 walls to see if we needed to underpin, and recommended footings of another foot around the edges to meet current building regulations, which was completed on Wednesday.

Digging Footings

Seems to me, this is when the problems started!  Storm Abigail with its high winds and rain, followed by Storm Barney and more torrential rain on the saturated ground from Abigail, turned our new footings into something of a swimming pool. Thursday morning saw the resultant chaos, with us being faced with a 14 foot high, 3 brick deep wall, solid as a rock… which decided to “slip” sideways and come to rest in said footings – makes for interesting photos….

Annexe Damage

Dangerous ground

Dangerous ground

As I sit typing this evening, the builder is having a serious re-think as to the order in which he builds these extra two rooms, given the current state of affairs….  The window was probably in the wrong place anyway!!

Roof Truss removal

So, as we start the new working week, first order of business is concrete to shore up the walls and create a ‘pad’ on which the new walls will sit.